About Us

ASeeds is comprised of a staff of Qualified Arborists, Certified Soil Specialists, as well as Accredited Soil Foodweb advisors.

ASeeds partners Matthew Daniel and Gerhard Grasser contribute a combined experience of 36 years in regenerative and sustainable land management.

How We Do It

With our focus on Soil Health and ASeeds’ comprehensive Plant Health Care (PHC) programs to include Compost and Actively Aerated compost tea (AACT), you can be assured of the best results and care for your plants. Techniques such as Deep Root Soil Injection (DRSI) are applied as needed in our ecological landscape management methods as a regular part of our programs.

Vascular Stem Injection (VSI) is part of our comprehensive list of services. This technique and products are only used when trees are under extreme pest and/or disease pressure and require rapid intervention to arrest their decline. Tree Preservation Australia is leaders in chemical-free organic Tree, Lawn and Plant Healthcare Management specializing in a scientifically based integrated Soil and Plant Health Care management system that includes monitoring,  and maintenance using PHC programs.